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The Auction Method / Asset Management

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Starman Bros. Auctions, Inc. has grown to be the leading aviation auction company in the United  States. 

Aviation Auctions
Because aviation auctions are our full time business we have been able to develop a detailed and comprehensive Auction Method that works! 

STEP 1: A complete and comprehensive advertising program.  It is not enough to attract a crowd to your Aviation sale, you need targeted, qualified, buyers.  Over the years we have developed the most complete name-by-name listing of qualified aviation buyers in the world.  This listing is updated on a weekly basis and contains buyers from all 50 states, Canada, Mexico, Europe, Africa, and the Far East. An illustrated brochure is mailed / emailed to these buyers and gives you, the seller, the prospect of a larger monetary return.  We also place advertising in trade publications, newspapers, financial publications, and other appropriate media for maximum advertising effectiveness.  In short, we know which media to use, when to place the ads, and what to say about the sale.        NEXT PAGE >>


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