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Magnaflux Type X-2152 Magnetic Particle Inspection Bench

Magnaflux Mdl. H-820R Magnetic Particle Inspection Bench

Zyglo Dye Penetrant Line

Bearing Inspection Inc Mdl. BA-20-3E Bearing Analyzer

Trinco 60 x 60 Double Station Bead Blast Cabinet

Zero Mdl. BNP600-1 Bead Blast Cabinet

Advance Manufacturing Co Mdl. ADTB1 Universal Tab Bending Rivet Flaring Machine

Schenck Mdl. HL5B Dynamic Horizontal Balancing Machine

Schenck Mdl. VE4L Static Vertical Balancing Machine

Gisholt Mdl. SV-250 Static Vertical Balancing Machine

Gisholt Type U Dynamic Horizontal Balancing Machine

Gruenberg Electric Co. Mdl. T65V960 Cart Type Electric Oven

Paint Booth

Carolina Mdl. CP-100 30 Ton H-Frame Press

Free Standing Overhead Gantry

New JT8D Expendable Inventory

Pratt & Whitney JT8D Tooling

Pratt & Whitney JT8D Build Up & Balance Fixtures

JT8D Fuel Controllers and Fuel Pumps

JT8D PRBC & Compressor Bleed Valve Test Stand

JT8D Turbine Disks

Mitutoyo Mdl. PH-3500 Profile Projector

Parma Manufacturing Work-a-Matic Vertical Band Saw

Abell-Howe Free Standing 1 Ton Jib Crane

Sweco Mdl. FMC-7LR Vibratory Finish Mill

Wilson Mdl. 3TTDRB Hardness Tester

Hydraulics Intl. Mdl. 90258-100 Self Contained Ground Hydraulic Power Unit

Hansvedt Electrical Discharge Machine

Bullard 46 Dynatrol Vertical Turret Lathe

Summit Mdl. 19-4 x 80 Gap Bed Lathe

48 Facing Lathe

Takisawa Mdl. TSL-800 Lathe

Norton Mdl. U4 14x48 Universal OD/ID Cylindrical Grinder

Longem Mdl. LG2080D Gap Bed Lathe

Bridgeport Series II Vertical Milling Machine

Bullard 36 Vertical Turret Lathe

JT8D Fuel Nozzle, P&D Valve, Fuel Heater and Oil Cooler Universal Test Stand

Testek Mdl. 101982 JT3D/JT8D Fuel Pump & Fuel Controller Test Stand

Bauer Mdl. BMI-1378 Oil Flow Test Stand

Miller 330ST Aircrafter Welding Power Source