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For most Professionalism is nothing more than a "buzzword", with almost everyone calling themselves “professional”.

Starman Auctions believes professionalism requires a blend of behavior, skills, and knowledge to achieve a defined standard. These are the three parts to professionalism and they interact to produce a result that may then be described as “professionalism”.

Putting these three into action requires qualifications, continued professional development and ethics and integrity.

With Starman Auctions you get over 25 years of Behavior, Skills, and Knowledge completely revolving around professional conduct within the aviation community.

At Starman Auctions we

  1. Adhere to your commitments - Live up to your commitments every time.
  2. Realize the sensitivity of the work that you represent - Make sure not to jeopardize the confidentiality of your organization or misuse it any way.
  3. Treat everyone with respect. That means everyone - from upper management, peers, and administrative staff to vendors, clients and competitors, to the person on the phone and the stranger in the elevator.  Respect and communication in a business environment gives all employees the feeling of safety and collaboration.
  4. Value the time and effort spent by others - Do not take other for granted.
  5. Always maintain ethical conduct - Be honest.
  6. Put our best face forward - Friendliness and understanding go a long way to creating an atmosphere of teamwork.  Maintain a positive can-do attitude even during stressful situations.
  7. Admit mistakes - Mistakes can happen. Admitting mistake shows that you are not only human, but also a professional.
  8. Display competence - Competence is the culmination of what you say that you can do and what you actually can do. Competent employees know their job and which skills they are capable of.  It is not arrogance. It is an honest display of competencies.
  9. Take a leadership role whenever possible - Show that you are willing to accept responsibility and produce results.
  10. Demonstrate the core values of professionalism - appropriate attire, etiquette, punctuality, organization and dedication to your job, just to name a few.
  11. Project a positive business appearance - It has long been recognized that those who dress appropriately will behave in the same manner.
  12. Are polite in speech and body language - “Please” and “Thank-you” go a long way in establishing a good working relationship.

Additional Information

We spent a long time listening to you while developing our new website.  While the old site has served us well over the years it did not have the ability to adapt to the many different devices that are available today.  Our new site was developed with the future in mind.  It can adapt to mobile and tablet resolutions as well as the myriad of display options available on modern LCD monitors.

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